Maple Bridge Financial Inc. (MBF) is a full-service financial planning firm that prides itself on its reputation for providing unbiased expertise, competitive products and friendly client-focused service.

Our approach and philosophy is based on the application of advanced education to meet client needs, and it’s this foundation on which we continue to grow our company. We believe it is MBF’s proprietary Advisor Training Program that makes this higher level of service possible and sets us apart from the pack.

Fully independent

An integral part of MBF’s pro-consumer value system is the necessity for each and every one of its Financial Advisor to be fully independent.

With this independent business model, Maple Bridge Advisors (MBA) work for the client only, not for the companies whose products they carry. As a result, our MBAs can operate with unbiased judgement, something that can often become clouded in the presence of company quotas and limited product access. MBAs are also required to carry a vast array of products from various financial companies so they can effectively match clients’ specific needs to the products that best fulfill them.

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Proficient and knowledgeable

What impresses me most about my Maple Bridge Advisor is that he’s very technically proficient and knowledgeable, yet caring and friendly.

He’s always able to explain complex issues in a way that’s easy to get, and this allows us to understand and be comfortable with even the most sophisticated of strategies.

Suzanne D. HR Coordinator

Putting my interests first

Over the years and places I’ve been, I’ve had many Financial Advisors in my time. But the one Advisor I feel the best connection with is my Maple Bridge Advisor. I’m always looking for ways to stretch a dollar and, unlike many other Financial Advisors, I’ve found his recommendations to be both impartial and best-value oriented.

Putting my interests first consistently has developed a kind of trust that allows me to make big decisions easily and with confidence. It’s for these reasons that I continue to work with him despite now living on the opposite side of the country.

Derek G. Systems Engineer

Empowered and better educated

What I like most about my Maple Bridge Advisor is that he first spends the time to teach the financial concepts relevant to my family’s situation.

By the end of our meeting, not only can we see we’re making measurable progress toward better financial health, but we’re also empowered and better educated to make better financial decisions on our own.

Matthew K. Project Manager

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